Classic Car Insurance

 Classic Car Insurance

J.J. Best Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you find the right coverage for your classic car at the right price. Classic cars and trucks have different insurance than regular auto insurance and at J.J. Best Insurance Agency, Inc., we are experts at provideing those options for you...especially the Guaranteed Value benefit we provide.

Classic cars are usually in the category of antique once the vehicle is 15-20 years old or older. Classic car insurance coverage can also include exotic autos, sports cars and rare automobiles.

Classic Car Insurance Features and Benefits

We can customize a classic car insurance product that will make sure your classic, exotic, sports, rare or antique car can be protected. Our packages may include:

  • Special claims and repair options
  • Flexible use coverages
  • Competitive premiums - usually lower than normal auto policy
  • Liability and damage options
  • Guaranteed Valuation coverage based on the TRUE value of the car, not a reduced book value

We can service your classic car and all your other vehicle insurance needs anywhere in the country area.