Classic Auto Insurance vs. Standard Auto Policy

Ordinary auto policies insure your vehicle for Actual Cash Value (ACV).  This is determined at the time of a loss and is subject to a number of factors, not the least of which is depreciation.  While your car will not be without value, it is likely to be far less than the market value or the amount you have invested in the vehicle.

Classic Auto insurance provides an agreed value for the vehicle and most carriers will work with you to restore the vehicle to the pre-loss condition.  Our carriers do not ask you to use the least expensive parts for repairs because it is cheaper for them.  With the proper coverage for your classic vehicle, should you have a total loss, you will be paid the agreed value for the vehicle minus your deductible. Classic vehicles tend to be well cared for by their owners, and so pricing for these policies is generally much less expensive than adding the car to your standard auto policy.

Classic auto insurance does have annual mileage restrictions, generally 5000 miles per year, it is not for vehicles used on a daily basis.  Companies who write classic vehicle insurance require you to have 1 daily use vehicle for each licensed member of your household.  Additionally, most carriers require in most states that the vehicles be kept in a fully enclosed garage for security.

With J.J. Best Insurance Agency, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Guaranteed Value® policy, which guarantees you’ll be covered for what your car is worth
  • Bundling your classic car financing and insurance into one simple package
  • Quickly file claims and receive reimbursement when you need it most
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Antique Cars

Antique Car Financing

Generally classified as 45+ year old cars, though we also cover vintage cars from as early as 1900.

Exotic Cars

Exotic Car Financing

Defined as being “of foreign origin or character”; any car featuring characteristics that make it rare or truly unique.

Hot Rods

Hot Rod Financing

1932 Ford Coupe. 1950 Mercury Lead Sled, 1934 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery. 1937 Ford Woody Wagon. Need we go on?

Kit Cars

Kit Car Financing

Full assembly required — and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Unique, curated parts make these cars truly irreplaceable.

Muscle Cars

Muscle Car Financing

From 1950s classics to recent models, a passion for fast and loud is at the core of our business.

Sports Cars

Sports Car Financing

Small two-seaters, purchased for the main purpose of touring. Think Alfa Romeo, BMW, Maserati or Porsche.

Coverage & Benefits

We can customize a classic car insurance product that will make sure your classic, exotic, sports, rare or antique car is fully protected.

Our packages may include:

  • Special claims and repair options
  • Flexible use coverages
  • Competitive premiums – usually lower than normal auto policy
  • Liability and damage options

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