Determining Coverage

The time to learn your homeowner’s insurance does provide adequate coverage is not after you suffer a fire, theft, or an injury for which you are liable. Our insurance specialists can help you determine the right coverage before disaster strikes.

Your insurance agent should determine the correct value to replace your home if it were a total loss. This value is different than the sale or market price.  Too little coverage has consequences and too much is spending money for a benefit you will not receive. A reputable agent will evaluate the proper coverage with tools at their disposal so you will not lose out.

Homeowner’s insurance covers your personal possessions, even when they are not in your home. Higher value items such as jewelry and artwork should be scheduled on your policy for appraised values.

Your personal liability is also covered by your homeowner’s policy. Should someone suffer an injury on your property or you damage someone else’s property in a non-automobile related incident, your homeowner’s coverage is there to help. Your liability limit should at least cover the amount of your personal assets.

Determining coverage can include:

  • Where you live
  • The valuables in the home
  • How much coverage you want
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Types of Homeowner Coverage

Property Coverage

Property coverage will pay for repairs to your home, garage or other buildings that become damaged.

Personal Property

Personal property covers the loss of your basic items like furniture, clothing, electronics or other personal items due to theft or damage.

Scheduled Personal Property

This policy is built to cover loss of valuables such as jewelry, art, firearms, or other collectibles in excess of the basic limits.

Personal Liability

This will cover if there is a claim when someone is injured or their property is damaged.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses will provide coverage in the event that someone who is not a resident is injured on your property.

Loss of Use

In the event of a complete loss, you will receive temporary housing, food, and other necessities in the immediate term.

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